Ms. Marvel Episode 5 featured an unexpected fate for the Clandestines, a.k.a. the Djinn.

The show introduced the mysterious group as the main villains in Episode 3. After Kamala Khan refused to give them her golden bangle, the Clandestines tried to force her by all means. Kamala put on a fight and escaped from the sticky situation during her brother’s wedding. The Clandestines went as far as following the young Jersey City superheroine when she went to Pakistan, but things didn’t go according to their plans once they arrived in Karachi.

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ComingSoon spoiler alert

What Happened to Najma and the Clandestines?

Apparently, Najma died during the events of Ms. Marvel Episode 5 as the leader of the Clandestines was attempting to get back to the Light Dimension. The clash between the titular heroine and Najma opened the cross-dimensional rift known as the Veil of Noor after the villain hit Kamala’s bangle with her knife. Initially, Najma and Fariha were happy that they were about to go home. Still, Fariha turned into a skeleton when she attempted to reach the portal. Acknowledging that the Veil of Noor might be a danger to all humanity, Najma sacrificed herself to close it.

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Seconds before her death, Najma transferred her powers to Kamran. The situation looked very much like the Terrigenesis as shown in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Still, it’s hard to say that Marvel Studios wanted to depict the process that leads to the Inhuman transformation in the same way as the ABC series. More likely, they just wanted to hint at it since in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. people usually survived the transformation. Still, following Najma’s sacrifice, Kamran acquired powers, and he can now shoot energy blasts out of his hands, pretty much like in the comics. On the upside, Kamran is currently the only surviving member of the Clandestines following the deaths of Najma, Aisha, Fariha, Aadam, and Saleem. Right before the end of “Time and Again,” the Department of Damage Control sent one of their drones to check up on Kamran, who destroyed the drone and caused a massive explosion in the building where he was.

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