Earlier this month, rumors began floating around that AFC Richmond, the fictional Premier League team from the hit Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, would be in the upcoming FIFA 23 in some form. The Ted Lasso Twitter account recently added some fuel to that fire by teasing that its main star would be appearing in the upcoming soccer video game.

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The tweet in question shows (presumably) actor Jason Sudeikis in front of a ton of cameras, which often are used to capture detailed scans of people for use in films, TV shows, or, in this case, video games. Further adding to the speculation is the fact that the official Twitter account for the FIFA series replied to the tweet with an eyeballs emoji.

Rumors of Ted Lasso’s inclusion into FIFA kicked off when AFC Richmond appeared on the EA’s FIFA ratings database website before quickly being removed. Since then, fans have been clamoring for more information, and now it looks all but certain that the team, and Lasso himself, will appear in the game in some form.

Outside of FIFA 23, the character of Ted Lasso has also been rumored to appear in the fan-favorite fighting game MultiVersus of all places, as Lasso’s name appeared in a leak of potential characters coming to the crossover title. Although no confirmation or announcement of his inclusion has been announced as of yet, that list has slowly started coming true over time as more and more fighters have been added to the game.

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While AFC Richmond could appear in the game’s Career Mode, some fans have also speculated that the team and its kits will instead be included in FIFA‘s Ultimate Team Mode, a place for players to create their own custom teams from cards. Since FIFA does have a licensing agreement with the Premier League, however, it’s not impossible that the team could appear in all of its modes. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait too long, as FIFA 23 is launching on September 30, meaning more information is likely coming soon.

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