Gearbox Software surprisingly said it was creating a sequel to the Telltale Games-developed Tales From the Borderlands back in April 2022. However, the reveal didn’t have much information and Gearbox didn’t divulge more after. The studio has still stayed quiet, but a listing for the follow-up has appeared online, revealing its potential price, release date, and title.

As noted by deals guy Wario64, the New Tales From the Borderlands box art shows a bot taking off the signature Psycho mask seen in the Borderlands games. The deluxe edition costs $49.99 (there’s no listing for a standard edition yet) and has a release date of October 21, 2022 for Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 (it’s likely coming to PC but a physical version wasn’t shown). While that is quite soon for a game that doesn’t even have a trailer, Gearbox did originally say it would be out later in 2022 during its reveal. Those who pre-order will also the Adventure Capital Pack that has cosmetics for each main character, 10,000 units of in-game currency, and Fl4K Vaultlander collectible.

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The listing also runs down the story synopsis, which sees three protagonists fighting against corporate greed on a ravaged city called Promethea.

“Take a stand against ruthless corporate overlords in this narrative-driven adventure! Within the perpetually war-torn metropolis of Promethea, you’ll control Anu, Octavio, and Fran on the worst day of their lives. Help these three lovable losers as they endeavor to change the world (and maybe even save it)! Face down a planetary invasion, vicious vault monster, and cold-hearted capitalist in this cinematic thrill ride where what happens next is up to you! Meet a motley cast full of misfits, assassin bots, and talking guns in this race to the top! It’s time to fight back against exploitation and corporate greed. It’s time to make Mayhem your business.”

According to the description, Anu is as an altruistic scientist, Octavio is her “streetwise” brother, and the third character Fran was only described as “frogurt-slinging” and “fierce.” And while these characters are new, it will feature some returning characters, as well. The listing also notes that the story is five parts, but how those episodes are carved up has yet to be revealed. It’s a carryover from the first game, as are its branching paths. One of the bullet points notes that players can make choices and determine how the story ends.

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Gearbox has yet to acknowledge the premature store page. However, given the timing, it’s very likely a trailer is set to drop soon. Gamescom is next week, which is a notable opportunity, but that seems far away for a game with a substantial retailer listing such as this.

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