MultiVersus will be available to everyone by July 26 through an open beta, but those who just can’t wait to see a supercharged Shaggy take on Bugs Bunny and Velma can get into the game right now. Publisher Warner Bros. Games is now selling three tiers of Founder’s Packs that allow for instant access to this month’s open beta and gives players more cosmetic unlocks and premium currency.

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It all starts with the default pass, which is a $39.99 purchase across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. This pass will net players the ability to play the game right now, as well as the following items and currencies:

  • 15 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
  • One Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • 300 Gleamium (The game’s premium currency)

The Deluxe Founder’s Pass takes things to a total price of $59.99 and includes the game’s first premium battle pass. In addition to the ability to unlock cosmetics over time and beta access, this pack consists of the following instant benefits:

  • 20 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
  • One Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • One Banner (Epic)
  • One Ring Out Effect (Epic)
  • 1,000 Gleamium

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The Premium Founder’s Pass will also be $99.99 for anyone who is all in on MultiVersus. In addition to beta access and three separate premium battle passes, it has various cosmetic benefits, which are listed below:

  • 30 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
  • One Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • One Banner (Epic)
  • One Banner (Legendary)
  • One Ring Out Effect (Epic)
  • One Unique Nameplate
  • 2,500 Gleamium

MultiVersus Selling Founder's Packs for Instant Early Access

It’s also worth noting that PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab an exclusive cosmetic pack. This includes a battle skin for the original character Reindog, the Dark Matter Ringout Effect, and a Waterfall Banner. Interestingly, the PlayStation Plus pack lists specific cosmetics while the founder’s packs keep it vague, especially since the latter costs cold hard cash.

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Still, these packs seem to indicate that Warner Bros. has big plans for MultiVersus. The Premium Founder’s Pack has 30 character unlocks, which is almost double the number of characters available in the beta launching this month. With that, plus the promise of at least three seasons of battle passes, there will be plenty of multiversal brawling in the coming months.

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