A new trailer has been released in the lead-up to the release of Mob Psycho 100‘s third season. This latest video focuses on Ritsu Kageyama — the titular Mob’s brother.

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Throughout the short promo, Ritsu and Mob’s relationship over the past two seasons is put on display, catching viewers up on what has unfolded between the siblings.

Season three of the highly-regarded series will be simulcast on Crunchyroll in both subbed and dubbed formats in over 200 countries worldwide. The upcoming season will have studio animation produced by BONES, who is largely known for its work on My Hero Academia and Soul Eater.

Check out the Ritsu promo below:

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“Shigeo Kageyama, a.k.a. ‘Mob,’ is a boy who has trouble expressing himself, but who happens to be a powerful esper.” reads the official synopsis. “Mob is determined to live a normal life and keeps his ESP suppressed, but when his emotions surge to a level of 100%, something terrible happens to him! As he’s surrounded by false espers, evil spirits, and mysterious organizations, what will Mob think? What choices will he make?”

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