The latest patch for Marvel’s Avengers is live as of today. The changes from developer Crystal Dynamics focus on refining how new character Jane Foster (also known as The Mighty Thor) interacts with the rest of the cast and throughout the game. There are also some stability fixes and improvements that dedicated players are sure to appreciate, as shown in the full patch notes.

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Unlike in Thor: Love and Thunder, Mighty Thor does not wield the original Mjölnir but instead a variant of the mighty hammer. One of the most significant changes in today’s patch is ensuring that the difference between those two hammers is always present in the gameplay. Even if the characters share some attacks, Mighty Thor will always now have the right tool for the job. The developers also fixed some clipping issues and audio cues with the character and ensured that localized vocal lines played at all the correct times.

As far as Marvel’s Avengers combat goes, Mighty Thor’s hammer was performing a disappearing act at the beginning of some finishers, but that’s no longer the case. Also, the “Investing in the Future” achievement now unlocks when it’s supposed to, and Gear Vendors no longer offer Power Level increases beyond the intended level. There are still a few known issues, including a visual hiccup occurring when players activate Jane Foster’s “Mjölnir’s Chosen” ability and a bug that prevents certain Cryo and Gamma kills from progressing the “Back in Action” mission chain.

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Those looking ahead on Marvel’s Avengers timeline may see three new heroes on the horizon. She-Hulk was leaked out during a recent stream despite the best efforts of Crystal Dynamics representatives, which corroborated a report from December. Bucky Barnes was also the subject of a recent rumor all his own, which was also backed up by datamined voice lines. Voice lines talking about Captain Marvel were also found in that same dump. None of these characters have been confirmed at this moment, but they both fit the general vibe of the game’s many clone characters filling out the roster. Either way, there’s still new content awaiting for Square Enix’s superhero brawler.

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