ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from the Bullet Train score. The track, composed by Dominic Lewis, and titled “Tentomushi,” will be available with the rest of the soundtrack when its released Friday, August 5.

Working in close collaboration with Leitch, Lewis crafted an expansive soundscape covering a wide range of genres and styles, each tailored to the dynamic onscreen story and its cast of characters. With a screenplay by Zak Olkewicz based on the book by Kotaro Isaka, Bullet Train will be available exclusively in movie theaters Friday, August 5 from Sony Pictures.

Check out the track “Tentomushi” from the Bullet Train soundtrack below:

“I really tried to approach this score as some form of concept album, asking myself, ‘What is the perfect needle drop for each moment that tells story and weaves in out of the movie’s arcs, disguised as a song but doing the job of score?’” says Lewis of the score. “What if you were flicking through an old vinyl collection and found an obscure ‘70s record, used that for your samples on your album?’ That was the idea for the Bullet Train score, only I had to create that record before approaching each scene.”

Speaking of his experience working with director David Leitch, Lewis said that “a blank canvas can often be accompanied with instructions of which paints to use and where. Not with David. Without his trust, vision, and a collaborative experience that is second-to-none, the stars wouldn’t have aligned to create this gonzo, badass score. I hope audiences have as much fun listening to it as I did making it.”

Bullet Train Track List

1. The White Death
2. All Aboard
3. Prince
4. A Modern Plague
5. Royally F#*cked
6. MacGyver
7. Yuichi
8. Toilet Talk
9. Tang Fight
10. Daddy Issues
11. Fructose Overdose
12. The Hornet Stings
13. Bubbles
14. You’re the Diesel
15. Backpack
16. Polythene Pam
17. Tentomushi
18. Kyoto Eki
19. Dochka
20. Mr. Death
21. Anuvva Bruvva
22. Make or Brake
23. Not Carver
24. Fate

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