ComingSoon Senior Editor Spencer Legacy spoke with 13: The Musical stars JD McCrary, Lindsey Blackwell, and Frankie McNellis about their favorite songs and if they’re open to making more musicals. 13: The Musical is now available for streaming on Netflix.

“After moving from New York City to Indiana, a 12-year-old navigates his parents’ divorce, his impending bar mitzvah, and his new school’s social circles,” reads the movie’s synopsis.

Spencer Legacy: JD, the three of you have a love triangle in the movie. I’ve heard from your co-stars that you guys are good friends. Was it tough to go from good pals to more antagonistic when rolling?

JD McCrary: Honestly, if it’s in the script, it’s a scene. You’ve got to keep it professional, you know?

Lindsey, what was the hardest part of the production? Was there a dance that was particularly difficult?

Lindsey Blackwell: “Brand New You.” It required a lot of stamina and energy because we’re jumping up and down the whole number, so that one was a little hard to get into. Ultimately I felt really prepared because the whole team really prepared us, and I’m very thankful for that.

Frankie, is it difficult or easy to play a bit of a sneakier or meaner character?

Frankie McNellis: Well, it was fun because I got to do something that I wouldn’t … make choices I wouldn’t typically do in my everyday life. So it was fun getting to be someone else. Yeah, it was pretty easy.

JD, is there a particular message you hope people take away from the movie?

JD McCrary: Particular message? I would say we’re all human. We all make our own mistakes and forgiveness is key. It’s how you combat your mistakes that makes you a better person.

Lindsey, how similar or different are you to your character?

Lindsey Blackwell: I’m very similar to Kendra, down to the strict parents. The only difference between us was [that] Kendra was a little naïve throughout the movie, and I think I would’ve picked up on certain things that Lucy was doing throughout the movie. Other than that, I think we’re very alike.

Frankie, you have some funny moments in the movie. Was any of that improv or was it all scripted?

Frankie McNellis: Actually, some of it was improv. There’s a scene before Bad, Bad News with JD and Tamra [Davis], our director, told us “say whatever, we’re just going to mute it out, whatever.” And honestly, it’s pretty funny to watch now.

Are you open to more musicals in the future? You were all great in this one.

JD McCrary: Thank you! Definitely though. I love being able to sing, act, dance, all in the same setting, you know? It’s a very fun thing to do.

Lindsey Blackwell: I totally agree with JD. Working on this was … it was a little stretched at first, but it was a whole lot of fun and it was a dream come true. So I would love to keep doing them.

Frankie McNellis: Of course, oh my gosh. This was like a dream for me. And I really want to try working on a musical show now, because I’ve done a movie. I want to see how a show is.

What’s your favorite song in the movie?

JD McCrary: Favorite song? “Tell Her.”

Lindsey Blackwell: “I’ve Been Waiting.”

Frankie McNellis: I feel like “A Little More Homework” is such a pretty song. I’d have to say that it was hard to sing, but it was so pretty.

Lindsey Blackwell: That one’s up there.

Frankie McNellis: Yeah, it goes high up.

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