ComingSoon is excited to provide an exclusive first look at Dino Ranch‘s two-part special event premiering later this month on Disney. Jr.

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Featuring two episodes called “Dino-SOAR!” and “The Flyer and Rescue Squad,” the event will see the ranchers meeting three new partners (named Twister, Cloud, and Thunderbolt) as they take to the air and learn how to do dino rescue missions with flight.  The special “Dino-Soar” event airs on Disney Jr. on August 26 at 1:30 p.m. ET/PT.

“The Dino Ranchers attend the Dino Port’s Flyer and Rescue training school, learning to fly new pterosaurs and operate their rescue vehicles,” reads the description for “Dino-SOAR!,” the first of two new episodes. “However, the arrival of a gigantic flying menace quickly puts their skills to the test when they have to respond to a real rescue. Will what they’ve learned during their first lesson be enough to save the day?”

Check out the Dino Ranch introduction videos for Twister, Cloud, and Thunderbolt below:

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The description for “The Flyer and Rescue Squad” episode reads, “The Dino Ranchers have only just begun to learn how to rescue fly with their new pterosaur partners, when they’re faced with a real dino-mergency: Tara’s pterodactyl Wilbur has an egg that needs to be taken to the Dino Ranch Hatchery. But when Stormwing’s arrival causes trouble for the Dino Port, the fledgling Flyer and Rescue Squad take to the sky to complete their first important mission.​”

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