PlayStation Studios is continuing to adapt many of its gaming franchise to other mediums. A recent report revealed that Days Gone, an open-world zombie game that released in 2019, is the latest Sony game that’s getting adapted into a movie.

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According to Deadline, Scottish actor Sam Heughan, from Starz’ Outlander, is set to star as protagonist Deacon St. John. X-Men: First Class and Up in the Air writer Sheldon Turner is penning the script, which will be a “love ballad to motorcycle movies.” The motorcycle played a huge part in the game, as it was the main method of traversal and was a key part of St. John’s character. There are no other creatives currently attached and it doesn’t have any sort of release window.

Days Gone fans had their hopes of a sequel squashed, as Sony reportedly declined to green light a follow-up in a Bloomberg article that was primarily about the then-unannounced remake of The Last of Us. The game’s director spoke about some features the sequel was going to have, like swimming, better A.I., and no more punishing stealth missions. Following the exodus of many senior creatives after Days Gone‘s release, Bend Studio is now developing a new franchise that utilizes the open-world systems seen in that zombie title.

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This Days Gone film is just one of Sony’s many PlayStation-oriented films and TV shows in production. In addition to the Uncharted film that released earlier in 2022, Sony is producing series based on God of War, The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, and Horizon while also making movies set in the Gran Turismo and Ghost of Tsushima franchises.

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