Bayonetta 3 was slated for 2022 during its highly anticipated that debuted in September 2021, but Nintendo didn’t give an update past that. Rumblings and rumors pointed to a imminent release date announcement and Nintendo delivered, confirming when the action game would be coming out. As found in the trailer, Bayonetta 3 will be releasing on October 28 on the Switch.

The trailer is full of over-the-top scenes that help demonstrate why the Bayonetta series is so beloved. Bayonetta herself can be seen hacking, shooting, transforming, and even taking control of certain beasts. The game is once again hinting at a grander, almost kaiju-like scale much like the last trailer. One of her new abilities seen in the trailer is called Demon Masquerade, which lets her channel “the demon linked to her weapon for some exciting action options.”

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While it did have some familiar faces like Rodin, Luka, and Enzo, it also showcased a new character, Viola, who is a “feisty witch-in-training.” She’s a new playable hero that uses a sword and summons a giant demon cat named Cheshire. There are even more Bayonettas and each will be “more fabulous than the last,” but more details about the story are still under wraps.

Bayonetta herself will also stay under literal wraps, as PlatinumGames unveiled a new feature that shows less skin. The developer described its new “Naive Angel Mode” on Twitter which covers Bayonetta up during her moves where she loses some of her outer layers. The translated tweet states that users will be able to “play in the living room without creating an awkward atmosphere” with this feature enabled. The short clip then shows comparisons of what the game looks like when the option is turned on and off.

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October 28 is a busy day that is also part of a busy month. Bayonetta 3 is releasing the same day as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II as well as Resident Evil Village‘s DLC. It’s also coming out just after Midnight Suns, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Gotham Knights, High On Life, and fellow Switch exclusive Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and just before November’s God of War Ragnarök.

It seemed clear that a release date announcement was imminent. Users on Reddit noticed that the game recently had been rated by the ESRB. A Nintendo leaker that goes by Syluxhunter also stated in June that the game was slated for October 28. They also followed up yesterday that Bayonetta news was coming today. Syluxhunter even had information on the last Nintendo Direct a little early, which ended up being accurate and helped back up their claims about Bayonetta 3.

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